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Traffic Tickets Toronto

June 29, 2016 BY Sturino Walker | LEAVE A COMMENT

In short, YES! Now the long version… The officer reduced the fine and saved you one (1) demerit point. Should you still bother to take the traffic ticket to court? YES! Traffic Tickets Toronto There are Two Main Things you Need to Consider! Every insurance company is different, but through...

The Demerit Point System

April 13, 2016 BY Sturino Walker | 1 Comment on The Demerit Point System

I think you'll agree with me when I say: Understanding the demerit point system can be a very difficult task. Or is it? I promise by the end of this post you will have a full understanding of demerit points and the demerit point system. This post is going to...

Toronto Road Safety Changes – Top 4

June 5, 2015 BY Sturino Walker | LEAVE A COMMENT

Bill 31 was passed and received Royal Assent yesterday! This means big changes are coming for Ontario and Toronto drivers in the near future! Toronto Road Safety is the main concern for the laws. This bill, which is soon to be law, deals with DISTRACTED DRIVING (cell phone charges), tow...

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