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You have been charged with a Careless Driving and you don’t know what to do next.

Do not worry, we have handled hundreds of Careless Driving Tickets and promise to take away any concerns you may have. Being charge with Careless Driving does not mean that you have to suffer the consequences of your insurance rates going up, a large fine, or your driving record being ruined for years to come.

We are going to take care of everything for you from start to finish, defend your rights, and get you off your Careless Driving offence.

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Careless Driving

Facts You Should Know

Careless Driving is one of the most serious and commonly laid charges under the Highway Traffic Act. In fact, the charge was created with the intent of being used in almost any situation.

Careless Driving Fine:

  • A minimum fine of four
    hundred ($400.00) dollars.
  • A maximum fine of fifty thousand ($50,000.00) dollars.

Careless Driving Demerit Points:

  • Assessed a total of six (6) demerit points.

Careless Driving Penalty:

  • Serious charges can carry a jail sentence of up to two (2) years.
  • Possible five (5) year licence suspension if convicted.
  • Increased or cancellation of your insurance policy.
  • Automatic license suspension for G1, G2, M1, and M2 licence holders if convicted.

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Benefits of Hiring Sturino Walker Legal

Exceptional Representation for an Affordable Price

At Sturino Walker Legal Services we will take the worry out of your Careless Driving offence. We handle the entire ticket for you: filing the ticket, requesting disclosure, going to court, all correspondence, and any negotiations. Call today to request pricing for your Careless Driving offence.

We Strive to Obtain the Results that you Deserve

Maria Sturino & Liam Walker
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Attending the Provincial Offences Courts on a daily basis and having handled hundreds of Careless Driving tickets we are confident that we can obtain the results you deserve.

We are aware of the evidence which officers are required to produce, how court proceedings function and progress, and what evidence you are entitled to receive. We provide a high level of personal attention to ensure that you understand all of your legal rights throughout this entire matter.

Convenient Representation

We can handle 99% of Careless Driving maters without your appearance in court. You can go to work, while we go to work for you fighting your Careless Driving ticket. We can use fax, email and accept credit cards online or via telephone to help make our relationship as convenient as possible.

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