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Landlord Tenant ReviewLandlord Tenant Review

Evicting Your Tenant

Facts You Should Know

The Landlord Tenant Board and Residential Tenancies Act can be very complex to navigate. Below are some of the main reasons you can evict your tenant.

Main Reasons to Evict Your Tenant:

  • Non-payment of rent.
  • Not paying the rent in full.
  • Paying rent late.
  • Persistently paying the rent
  • Require the home in order to
    sell the property.
  • Require the home for personal use.
  • Require the home for an immediate family member.
  • Illegal Activities.
  • Require the home in order to demolish the property.

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Benefits of Hiring Sturino Walker Legal

Exceptional Representation for an Affordable Price

At Sturino Walker Legal Services, we will take the worry out of the eviction process. We handle the entire process for you: drafting the appropriate paper work, serving the tenant, filing the paperwork with the Landlord Tenant Board, going to court, all correspondence, and any negotiations.

No one wants any surprises when it comes to legal fees. For that reason we do not charge an hourly rate. Our legal fees are always a flat fee or block fee. Meaning you pay one price and we take care of everything for you. Call today to request pricing for your Landlord Tenant Board Matter.

We Strive to Obtain the Results That You Deserve

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Attending the Landlord Tenant Board on a daily basis, and having evicted hundreds of tenants, we are confident that we can obtain the results you deserve. We provide a high level of personal attention to ensure that you understand all of your legal rights throughout this entire matter.

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