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Does an individual or business owe you a debt OR do you owe someone a debt?

No problem. At Sturino Walker Legal Services Professional Corporation we are able to help you out with either. Whether you are the one owing or the one needing to collect.

Need to collect a debt from a person or business?

We will act as your agent and take the hassle out of collecting money that is owed to you. We are able to do all the work for you: going to court, getting the judgment, and enforcing the judgment. If you already have a judgment, allow us to enforce the judgment for you. We will advocate on your behalf to help you get the results you want and to address all your questions and concerns.


Do you owe a debt to an individual, business or collection agency?

Is a collection agency, business or individual attempting to collect a debt that you may or may not owe? Let us handle your matter and talk to the individuals for you. We will explain in depth to you how collections work so that you have a better understanding of the entire process. In order to continue to live your life without interruption and worry, we will deal with all the burdensome phone calls, letters, and negotiations.

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