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Provincial Offences

The average citizen believes that provincial offences consist of only Traffic Ticket matters, but that is wrong. The Ontario Court of Justice, where Provincial Offences are dealt with, hears not only Traffic Matters under the Highway Traffic Act, but

  • Municipal by-law charges
  • Charges laid under the Environmental Protection Act
  • Charges laid under the Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • Charges laid under the Dog Owner’s Act
  • Charges laid under the Trespass to Property Act
  • Charges laid under the Liquor License Act

Most Provincial Offences fall into the category of non-criminal matters with a punishment by way of a fine of $500 or less. Yet, there are still non-criminal offences that are taken very seriously and progress in a manner similar to that of a criminal proceeding; where the Justice or Judge makes the final decision. The Provincial Offences Act allots that the maximum fine is $5000, but relevant statutes deem that it may go higher than the set maximum, if necessary. The Act also stipulates that besides monetary penalties, there is also the possibility of imprisonment or probation for the accused.

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