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Pardon / Record Suspension

Have you done something foolish in your past that you regret and wish to erase? At Sturino Walker Legal Services Professional Corporation we can assist you with a Pardon/Record Suspension to help you remediate your past legal mistake.

There are copious reasons as to why you should free yourself from a past legal matter:

cm-1Peace of Mind

Past actions can dwell on your mind for years. Enough is enough. It is time to move forward and stop allowing actions from your past to affect your future.

cm-2Acquiring a New Job

Most new jobs require a Criminal Record Check to be completed for a new applicant. A past criminal record can affect your chances of acquiring the dream job that you desire.

cm-3Travelling to the United States of America or Other Countries

When travelling, it should be noted that the United States of America and other countries have the right to deny you entry to their country because of your criminal record.


A criminal record can stop you from becoming an active member in the community by refusing you the opportunity to participate in many volunteer activities and experiences.

Criminal Records are something that should be left in the past. For that reason we encourage you to book a meeting, free of charge, with one of our representatives at Sturino Walker Legal Services Professional Corporation to learn how a Pardon/Record Suspension can benefit you in your future.

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