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Influencer Agreement

Influencer Agreement Review Session

Don’t be afraid to ask for or require an influencer agreement. Whether you are the influencer or the brand, having an influencer agreement in place helps protect both parties, but most importantly, it details what is expected and agreed on. Do not enter into a paid brand deal without a written influencer agreement.

Having your influencer agreement reviewed is one of the best business decisions you can make to ensure your brand deal is clear, legal, and all details are accounted for!

What Is An Influencer Agreement?

An influencer agreement is a written contract between an influencer and a brand that outlines the details of the campaign. The agreement will include the amount of compensation to be paid, the content to be produced, and the timeline in which everything is to be completed.

What Should I Look For In An Influencer Agreement?

Influencer agreements typically include many terms. Below we have listed some of the common terms that need to be included in an influencer agreement.

Common Terms in an Influencer Agreement:

  • Names and Dates
  • Compensation
  • Compensation Terms
  • Deliverables
  • Term of Agreement
  • Exclusivity

Do You Need Your Influencer Agreement Reviewed?

In short, yes! An influencer agreement helps to protect both parties involved in a campaign, and it adds legitimacy as a client.

During our review session, we will review your influencer agreement to ensure all aspects are covered, discuss any potential issues, and explain any terms you may not understand. We want to ensure that you are confident and have peace of mind entering into the influencer agreement.

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Contact us today to book your influencer agreement review session where we will give you the legal guidance you need, ensure you are protected, and explain any terms you don’t understand.

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