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Traffic Tickets Toronto.
Is It Worth Fighting?

In short, YES!

Now the long version…

The officer reduced the fine and saved you one (1) demerit point.
Should you still bother to take the traffic ticket to court?


Traffic Tickets Toronto
There are Two Main Things you Need to Consider!

Traffic Tickets Toronto, Traffic Ticket, Toronto
Every insurance company is different, but through our experiences, this is what we have learned about Traffic Tickets in Toronto.

Most insurance companies will let you get away with receiving one (1) Traffic Ticket. If you have received multiple Traffic Tickets in Toronto, you could be in trouble. One last thing to note is the type of charge. Insurance companies classify Traffic Tickets in Toronto into two groups: minor and serious.

Minor charges range from: stop sign infractions to speeding charges.
Serious charges range from: speeding 50km/h over the posted limit to careless driving.

Let me clarify one thing about demerit points! 95% of insurance companies do not care about your demerit points, they only look at how many Traffic Tickets you have and if they are minor or serious.

Demerit points are a way for the Ministry of Transportation Ontario to track your driving record. The Demerit Point System encourages drivers to improve their driving skills and protect people from those who abuse the privilege to drive. If you receive too many Demerit Points there is a very good possibility you will lose your license for a minimum of 30 days.

Traffic Tickets Toronto
Here is What we Have Learned so Far!

1. If you received a Traffic Ticket, your insurance rates might rise. Most insurance companies will allow you to get away with one Traffic Ticket on your record.

2. Demerit Points are used to track your driving. If you receive too many Demerit Points you may lose your license.

Well by now, hopefully you have realized how important it is to fight your Traffic Tickets in Toronto.
What should you do next?

Go to our blog “HERE” to find out your 3 options when filing a ticket. We always advise the trial option.

Traffic Tickets Toronto
The Big Question! Should you Represent Yourself?

You can always represent yourself for Traffic Tickets in Toronto. There is more than enough information and advice online. Yet, if you do not know the Highway Traffic Act and how the court operates, it can be challenging at times.

One thing to remember is that if the Traffic Ticket is not thrown out entirely or amended to a by-law, it will still show up on your record. If you ever get stuck or confused when dealing with Traffic Tickets in Toronto, you can always hire help.

Hopefully, by now, you know the best law firm to contact!

Contact our office today to help increase the chances of winning your Traffic Ticket in Toronto and the GTA. We know the language and formalities of the court system in order to win your case.
It would be a privilege to allow us to be your representative.

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