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Paralegal Law Firm

It is common for Licenced Paralegals to open up a Paralegal Law Firm and enter into the legal field. Experience, knowledge, and time spent in court are some of the most critical factors you want to consider when hiring a Paralegal Law Firm. This article will explain what is a Paralegal, how they are different than a lawyer, and specific aspects to consider when hiring a Paralegal Law Firm.

Photograph of a Toronto Court House that employees of a paralegal law firm would frequent.

Paralegal Law Firm

Sturino Walker Legal Services is proud to say that it can be recognized as a Paralegal Law Firm because all its employees are Licensed Paralegals. Only in the province of Ontario are Paralegals able to practice law, but there are limitations to what a Paralegal can practice. Sturino Walker Legal Services’ primary focus of practice, but not limited to, is Traffic Ticket and Landlord Tenant Board matters.

About Our Paralegal Law Firm

Sturino Walker Legal Services opened its doors in 2014 and has been providing Paralegal services in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area since. The goal at Sturino Walker Legal Services is simple. We are bringing high-quality legal services to the public for an affordable price. We strive to provide competent, dedicated, and passionate representation that meets our client’s needs and interests.

Based on 83 reviews
Aj Paquin
Aj Paquin
May 11, 2023.
Mr.Walker and his team are amazingly professional. I am a repeat client who will always consider useing Mr.Walker and his team when in any legal situation in the further. The service given made me feel appreciative of working with a lawyer who shows they care for there clients and not just doing a job. Mr .Walker gave me a personal experience as if I was working with family who just happen to be very smart and caring towards others in need of some help. So can't thank Mr.Walker and his team for always doing an outstanding job. 👏
Samy Chong
Samy Chong
May 8, 2023.
Just want to take a moment to acknowledge Liam for his sound advise and calm demeanor. Thank you very much for your kind thoughts!
sharon mauricio
sharon mauricio
April 26, 2023.
I recently had the pleasure of working with Sturino Walker Legal on a matter involving the Landlord Tenant Board, and I can't express how grateful I am for their expertise and dedication. From the very beginning, the team displayed a level of professionalism that put my mind at ease, and they walked me through every step of the process. They incredibly knowledgeable about the landlord tenant board, and they took the time to ensure I understood my rights and options. They were always accessible, promptly responding to my calls and emails, and addressed any questions or concerns I had. If you find yourself in need of legal assistance, I highly recommend Sturino Walker Legal for their expertise, client-focused approach, and outstanding results. You won't be disappointed!
Joe Kim
Joe Kim
April 24, 2023.
Amazing experience, quick replies and super professional! Would highly recommend!
March 10, 2023.
Rarely will a company put time and energy into someone that they cannot take on as a client. While I would never take advantage of someone's time, since they could not help me, they answered some questions with patience galore and gave me guidance on who to turn to for help. If I ever run into future issues that they cover, this is where I'm turning first.
Sanjeev Bhaskar
Sanjeev Bhaskar
January 24, 2023.
It's bit late to review Sturino Walker legal service but I wanted to give review after I've read the full book. I'm glad I chose Sturino Walker for my Landlord and Tenant board issue and Liam conducted the whole length and bredth of the case with full Honesty and Professionalism and tidyness. I was little skeptical about their performance but now I can give them 5 star without hesitation. Thanks Liam
Mae F
Mae F
December 27, 2022.
I was absolutely pleased and extremely grateful with Maria Sturino’s service. She’s very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Maria is very attentive and very honest.. most importantly, she’s got your back! I definitely recommend Sturino Walker for your legal services.
December 19, 2022.
Sturino is the best... I must say.. So helpful. I had so many questions and was so panicked those days. Sturino stood with me all time and answered all my questions and doubts multiple times with soothing tone. I really appreciate and recommend Sturino legal services if you are in trouble.. they are the best 🙂

Who We Are

We are committed to providing our clients with the personal attention that their legal matter deserves. For that reason, the team at Sturino Walker Legal Services is comprised of two Licensed Paralegals, Liam Walker and Maria Sturino. They take care of every case from start to finish personally. For further information, click Meet The Team.

Photograph of Maria Sturino and Liam Walker

How We Work With You

We are your partner in your pursuit of justice. Knowing that the legal system might be unfamiliar and overwhelming to you, we will take the time to explain your legal rights and options. We are with you every step of the way, taking care of everything for you, to ensure this process is as stress-free as possible.

What Is A Paralegal?

A Paralegal in Ontario is a legal professional that can provide legal services and practice Law on their own. While the definition of a Paralegal sounds similar to a Lawyer, a Paralegal is not a Lawyer. Paralegals in Ontario are required to be licensed and governed by the Law Society of Ontario, which is the same governing body for a Lawyer. Also, all Paralegals in Ontario must follow specific rules and regulations set out by the government.

Photograph of the Blind Lady Justice on a Paralegal Law Firm desk.

What Is The Difference Between A Paralegal And A Lawyer?

While the Law Society of Ontario governs both Paralegals and Lawyers, there are several key differences. The main difference is in the area of Law that a Paralegal can and cannot practice.


Once licensed, Lawyers can practice in all areas of Law. Professionally, Lawyers must complete Law school (Three Years) and an articling program (One Year). Once successfully passing their licensing examination they will be considered a Lawyer.


Once licensed, Paralegals must practice within specific areas of Law. The most common areas being Provincial Offences, Small Claims Court, and the Landlord Tenant Board. Professionally, Paralegals must complete a Legal Services Program (One to Two Years) and a co-op program (Two to Six Months). Once successfully passing their licensing examination they will be considered a Paralegal.

Can I Hire A Paralegal Instead Of A Lawyer?

Yes. You can hire a Paralegal instead of a Lawyer. Depending on the type of Law, a Paralegal might be more knowledgeable than a Lawyer and less expensive. Paralegals are required by the Law Society of Ontario to only represent individuals in specific areas of Law.

A Paralegal can represent a client dealing with matters in Traffic Ticket Court, Provincial Offences Court, the Landlord Tenant Board, Small Claims Court, Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, and certain criminal charges under the Criminal Code. If you are uncertain if a Paralegal can help you, give them a call. If they can assist you, they will, otherwise they can guide you in the right direction.

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Areas of Practice

Paralegal Law Firms can practice in many different areas of Law. Such as the Ontario Human Rights Tribunals, Small Claims Court, Landlord and Tenant Board, and Traffic Ticket Court. These are only a few examples of the most common areas of Law that paralegals practice.

Sturino Walker Legal Services is knowledgeable of all areas of Law, they have dedicated their firm to focusing on two key areas. Traffic Tickets and Landlord Tenant Board Matters.

Top Paralegal Firms In Toronto

Our Paralegal firm has been practicing Law for the past six years within the City of Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. We like to consider ourselves one of the top Paralegal firms in Toronto due to our dedicated service to our clients and being in court daily. Sturino Walker Legal Services is a top Paralegal firm in Toronto that offers Paralegal services.

Paralegal Services

Sturino Walker Legal is proud to offer Paralegal services to the public in many different cities within Ontario.

Some of the most common areas that we offer Paralegal services, but are not limited to are as follows:

  • Paralegal Services in Toronto
  • Paralegal Services in Mississauga
  • Paralegal Services in Newmarket
  • Paralegal Services in Brampton
  • Paralegal Services in Richmond Hill
  • Paralegal Services in Etobicoke
  • Paralegal Services in North York
  • Paralegal Services in Scarborough
  • Paralegal Services in Whitby

Education, Training, And Certification

The education, training, and certification that a Paralegal receives is essential. You are entrusting your legal matter with someone who needs to be competent and well versed in that area of Law. We have briefly detailed the education, training, and certification of the Paralegals at Sturino Walker Legal. If you would like to find out more, visit the Meet The Team webpage.

Meet The Team

Liam Walker

Liam Walker first attended York University for Law and Society, where he graduated with honours in 2012. He furthered his Law career by attending Centennial College to become a Paralegal. Upon completion of his advanced Paralegal program, he passed the Law Society of Ontario’s Licensing exam with distinction. After representing clients at a top tier Traffic Ticket Law Firm for one year, Mr. Walker decided to found Sturino Walker Legal Services with his business partner Maria Sturino.

Maria Sturino

Maria Sturino knew that she wanted to be a Paralegal immediately upon graduating from high school.  She was already working at one of the most prestigious law firms in Toronto, part-time, as a legal secretary. Ms. Sturino opted for the two-year Paralegal program at Humber College. She passed the Law Society of Ontario’s Licensing exam on the first try. Upon graduating, Ms. Sturino worked at a Toronto Paralegal firm for over a year until she decided to found Sturino Walker Legal Services with her business partner Liam Walker.

Paralegal Law Firm Website

A Paralegal website can tell you a lot about the company that you are choosing to hire. Have they taken the time to create a website that is appealing to the eye, user friendly, and home to informative resources? In today’s digital landscape, a company’s website is a direct representation of them.

We have spent hours curating our website so it meets all of our client’s needs. Please feel free to browse our website www.sturinowalker.com and make your own opinion.

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