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Photo Radar is coming back to Toronto early in the New Year.

Photo Radar will not be installed on Toronto or Ontario highways.
The sole intent for Photo Radar is to be installed in school zones.

In the last year, there have been many tragedies dealing with the safety of pedestrians in the City of Toronto. We can testify, that Toronto courts on average, deal with a pedestrian being struck four times a day. Pedestrians being struck has now become a common occurrence in the City of Toronto.

Photo Radar is not something that has just come out of the blue. The City of Toronto has done their research to determine whether or not photo radar is a good idea.

This is how Photo Radar will work in Toronto:
  1. You will have signs warning you of the upcoming photo radar.
  2. Cameras will take a photo of your license plate and mail the vehicle plate holder a ticket.
    (similar to red light camera tickets)
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What Will Be The Demerit Points and Fines?

This is what we think the City of Toronto will do.

The City of Toronto will follow suit with what they are currently doing when it comes to red light tickets. They currently differentiate when you receive a red light ticket from an officer ($260 fine and 3 demerit points), and a red light camera ticket ($325 fine, 0 demerit points, and does not go on your record).

Due to the fact they cannot identify the driver of the vehicle, they will not be assessing any demerit points and consequently it will not go on your driving record. It will only be a hefty fine, most likely in the $300 to $500 range. Our final estimate including speed range is as follows:

Photo Radar Fines
1-15 km/h over Fine $325
15-29 km/h over Fine $425
30-49 km/h over Fine $525
50 + km/h over Fine $750

We believe, with fines that high, Photo Radar will act as a deterrent and help to make school zones much safer.

We all know what you are thinking, “Oh Great Another Cash Grab”. The Ontario Government did state that all revenue from the tickets will go to the municipalities to help make school zones and the roads safer. Currently, there are negotiations underway with the Toronto District School Board and the City of Toronto to obtain a portion of the revenue from Photo Radar. The Toronto District School Board wishes to use the revenue from Photo Radar to enhance their schools and playgrounds.

In conclusion, as long as the City of Toronto sticks with this idea and does not expand Photo Radar to major highways, the public will view this as a positive idea. There is no reason to be speeding in a school zone! If you do, you will have to suffer the consequences.

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One Response(s) for “Photo Radar In Toronto – Will It Last?

  • Jasin says:

    We need photo radar in Ontario. I live in a rural residential 50 zone and people don’t care. They think 70 is the new 50. Two deaths and one serious injury in four months within 4km of my house and people still don’t care.

    Bring back photo radar! Is it a cash grab, no. It’s more like donations made by people who CHOOSE to break the law.

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