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You Received a Traffic Ticket in Toronto.
What Should You Do Next?

Receiving a Traffic Ticket in Toronto or a Speeding Ticket in Toronto can be scary, especially if it is your first time. The officer gives you the ticket, quickly explains what options you have, and then you are on your way. Don’t worry; we are here to help! We are going to provide you with a little more insight into the Traffic Ticket itself, what you should do next, and how we can help.

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3 Main Reasons To Fight Your Traffic Ticket in Toronto

You may think you can just pay a Traffic Ticket in Toronto, and it will go away. This is not true!

We have listed the top 3 main reasons you should fight your Traffic Ticket

1. Demerit points on your driving record.
2. Possible rise in your insurance rates.
3. A conviction will remain on your driving record for 3 years.

Without going into further detail, the above reasons are the most common reasons why you should fight the ticket. Other factors to consider are your class of licence, how long you have been driving, and what other convictions are on your record. Now that you know how a Traffic Ticket in Toronto can affect you, let’s look at how you fight a Traffic Ticket in Toronto.

How Do I Fight A Traffic Ticket in Toronto?

You are left with three options when deciding how to fight a Traffic Ticket in Toronto. The first option is to plead guilty to the ticket, which we never advise doing. The second option is early resolution; we don’t recommend this option either because you won’t get your case dismissed. We advise the trial option because it is the only way to have your matter dismissed like it never happened. We have gone into more detail below, discussing the three options you have.

Option 1 – Plead Guilty – Voluntary Payment of Total Amount: NOT ADVISABLE

You plead guilty to the charge and payment total.

You can pay the total amount shown on your ticket by cheque, money order, Visa, or MasterCard. Then mail everything to the appropriate court.

Go to any Provincial Offences Court with your driver’s license. Provide your driver’s licence to the clerk, and they will be able to find your ticket. At that point, you will be able to pay.

Fighting A Traffic Ticket - Do Not Plead Guilty

Option 2 – Early Resolution – Request A Meeting To Discuss Your Case: NOT ADVISABLE

You may be allowed to meet with the prosecutor and come to a resolution prior to trial.

If you choose this option, you will never win your case and never have your case dismissed.

The only thing the prosecutor will do is reduce the charge. You may still be assessed demerit points. The ticket will remain on your driving record for three (3) years.

Fighting A Traffic Ticket Toronto - Take It To Trial

Option 3 – Trial Option: ADVISABLE

You or your representative will appear in court, file the ticket, and plead not guilty. Then, you will receive the officer’s disclosure (his/her notes) that you can review.

This is the best way to deal with your Traffic Ticket in Toronto and keep your driving record clear and insurance rates the same.

The police and prosecutor must prove the case against you beyond a reasonable doubt. If they cannot, the case will be dismissed. If the officer does not show up, the case MAY be dismissed.

This is the only option that allows you to get the ticket dismissed like it never happened. Remember, your best chance at getting the ticket withdrawn or dismissed would be hiring a legal representative and taking the matter to trial.

Please Note: Take a photo or copy of your Traffic Ticket for your records.

Types of Traffic Tickets in Toronto

An officer could lay many different types of traffic tickets, but some of the most common are Disobey a Stop Sign, Careless Driving, Speeding, Stunt Driving, and Disobey Sign. Understanding what you have been charged with and the penalty of the ticket can be a daunting task. Our goal is to simplify the process by taking care of everything for you. We will use every available means at our disposal to try and get your traffic ticket withdrawn like it never happened.

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Speeding Ticket In Toronto

Speeding tickets in Toronto are one of the most common charges laid by police officers in the city. For that reason, we’ve answered some of the most common questions pertaining to speeding tickets in Toronto.

How Much Are Speeding Tickets In Toronto?

A speeding ticket is based on how fast you drove over the posted speed limit. The fines below show the cost per km/h over the speed limit, plus the cost and victim fine surcharge before you go to court.

For example, if you were doing 15 km/h over the speed limit, the fine would be $37.50 plus the cost and victim fine surcharge of $15.00 for a total fine of $52.50.

Over The Speed LimitSet Fine Per km/hCost + Victim Fine Surcharge
0 – 19 km/h$2.50 per km/h$15.00
20 km/h$3.75 per km/h$20.00
21 – 26 km/h$3.75 per km/h$25.00
27 – 29 km/h$3.75 per km/h$30.00
30 – 33 km/h$6.00 per km/h$40.00
34 – 41 km/h$6.00 per km/h$55.00
42 – 49 km/h$6.00 per km/h$65.00
50 + km/hNo Set FineNo Set Fine

What To Do When You Get A Speeding Ticket In Toronto?

If you receive a speeding ticket in Toronto, it is treated the same as any other traffic ticket. We recommend that you follow our instructions earlier in this article about how to fight a traffic ticket in Toronto. Yet, your best chance at getting the ticket withdrawn or dismissed would be hiring a legal representative and taking the matter to trial.

How Many Demerit Points Is A Speeding Ticket In Toronto?

Depending on your speed, there may be demerit points associated with your ticket. Please see below for our chart detailing the amount of demerit points for the speed you were travelling.  

** Please Note: Your ticket WILL NOT say if demerit points are attached.

Over The Speed LimitDemerit Points
0 – 15 km/h0 Demerit Points
16 – 29 km/h3 Demerit Points
30 – 49 km/h4 Demerit Points
50 + km/h6 Demerit Points
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Schedule A Trial

Since you have taken our advice, you decided to file the Traffic Ticket and plead not guilty. Now, you must determine what location you need to go to in order to file the ticket. There are three ticket-filing locations in Toronto. You can figure out what location you need to go to by looking in the top left-hand corner. You will see a four-digit Icon Code; this code tells you where you can file your ticket. The Icon Code and the address where you need to file your ticket can be found below.

Icon Code: 4860
Any Traffic Ticket in Toronto with the icon code of 4860 can be filed at Old City Hall, Lower Level located at 60 Queen Street West, Toronto, Ontario, M5H 2M4.

Icon Code: 4862
A Traffic Ticket in Toronto with the icon code of 4862 can be filed at the York Civic Centre located at 2700 Eglinton Avenue West, Toronto, Ontario, M6M 1V1.

Icon Code: 4863
Any Traffic Ticket in Toronto with the icon code of 4863 can be filed at 1530 Markham Road, Scarborough, Ontario, M1B 3M4.

How Can I Find My Traffic Ticket Online?

After you file the ticket, it can be a while before you receive your “Notice of Trial” in the mail. We suggest looking your Traffic Ticket up online. The City of Toronto has created a website where you can check the status of your ticket. It will provide you with updates regarding the time and date of your trial or the total fine amount you have to pay.

Court Case Look Up

Check The Status Of A Traffic Ticket Or Fine

The City of Toronto has a system called “Court Case Look Up” that allows you to look up your Traffic Ticket online, and it has been linked below.

Toronto Court Case Lookup

The Province of Ontario has a similar system that allows you to check the status of your Traffic Ticket or fine wherever you receive it within Ontario. Their system is called the “Provincial Offences Act Online Services,” and it has been linked below.

Provincial Offences Act Online Services

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Where To Pay A Ticket Or Fine

If you decide that you just want to pay the ticket or receive a notice of fine and due date in the mail, you have a couple of options to pay your Traffic Ticket in Toronto.

How To Pay A Traffic Ticket Online

This is the most common option people choose. You can go to the “Toronto Courts Provincial Offences Act Fine Payment” website and enter your offence number and offence date. From here, it will allow you to enter your credit card information and pay the fine.

Toronto Courts Provincial Offences Act Fine Payment

Please Note: Always print out and keep your receipt.

How to Pay A Traffic Ticket In Person

Unlike filing the ticket, any City of Toronto court office will accept payment. You can go to any of the previously mentioned locations with your Traffic Ticket, Notice of Fine and Due Date, or Driver’s Licence. They will be able to pull up your information, and you can pay the fine.

Please Note: Always keep your receipt.

How to Pay A Traffic Ticket By Mail

Complete and detach the portion that comes with your Traffic Ticket in Toronto or your Notice of Fine and Due date. Mail-in the requested information and wait. We do not recommend this option, as you do not receive a receipt for your records.

Consequences Of Demerit Points

If you received a Traffic Ticket in Toronto, it is likely the ticket has demerit points. Our post on the Demerit Point System goes into detail explaining what a demerit point is and how they are applied to your licence. Not only that, but we created a chart that lists the most commonly laid charge by police officers and how many demerit points are attached to them.

Learn More About The Demerit Point System

What To Expect When You Call Us For Advice

Right away, you’ll speak with one of our friendly associates who will gather more information about your matter. They will then ensure that you are put in contact with the most appropriate person at our firm to discuss your matter in more detail.

We will listen to your concerns and take the worry out of your traffic violation. We handle the entire ticket for you: filing the ticket, requesting disclosure, going to court, all correspondence, and any negotiations. We strive to obtain the results that you deserve.

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