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Landlord Legal Services in Ontario

Our priority is to evict your Tenant.

Having evicted hundreds of Tenants successfully, we know what needs to be done. Sturino Walker Legal Services is proud to offer Landlord Legal Services in Ontario at an affordable price.

Receive the personal attention your case deserves, and start the eviction process today. This article will help to outline the main reasons a Landlord can evict a Tenant, what rights and responsibilities a Landlord has, provide helpful resources for a Landlord, and why it is beneficial to hire representation when evicting a Tenant.

Rental Property Sign -Sturino Walker Legal offers Landlord Legal Services in Ontario.

Evicting A Tenant

Evicting a tenant is not as simple as it seems. First, you must have the legal right to evict the Tenant. Once that is established, your eviction forms must be filled out correctly. These are the commencing documents. If there is a mistake here, you won’t find out until the court date. At that time, your matter will be dismissed, and you will have to start the whole process again. Finally, you must have all the necessary evidence prepared for court. You also must be prepared to make your argument, if the Tenant decides to challenge your application.

Attending the Landlord Tenant Board should be taken seriously. If applications are not correct, you will have wasted several months with no eviction. We recommend hiring Landlord Legal Services in Ontario to assist you with your application.

Reasons to Evict a Tenant

There are many reasons to evict your Tenant. See below for some of the most common reasons.

  • Non-Payment of Rent
  • Not Paying the Rent in full
  • Persistently Paying the Rent Late
  • Require the Home for Personal Use
  • Causing Damage to the Rental Property
  • Illegal Activity
  • Affecting the Safety of Others
  • Require the Home for an Immediate Family Member
  • Require the Home in Order to Sell the Property

Our article 13 Reasons to Evict Your Tenant in Ontario explains in depth the top reasons to evict your Tenant in Ontario, how long that process will take, and what the cost will be to the Landlord.

13 Reasons to Evict Your Tenant

Tenant Not Paying Rent

Without a doubt, the most common reason to evict a tenant is due to the fact they have failed to pay rent. A Tenant must pay rent on time. If the Tenant does not pay rent on time, you have the right to commence the eviction process. If you are successful in your application, the Landlord will receive an order for eviction and an order for the full amount of rent owed to the Landlord.

Do Landlords Have Rights in Ontario?

Yes. Landlords do have rights in Ontario. It may appear that Landlords do not have many rights, but if they follow the rules of the Residential Tenancies Act, Landlords hold all the power in a Tenancy. Landlords have the right to collect a last month’s rent deposit at the commencement of the lease. Furthermore, they can increase the rental amount every 12 months by following the guidelines set out by the Ontario government.

The primary right a Landlord has is the right to evict a tenant based on their conduct.

Responsibilities of a Landlord

While Landlords have numerous responsibilities, the most common surround the maintenance of the property. We have listed the two (2) main responsibilities of a Landlord.

  • A Landlord must keep the rental property in a good state of repair. They must abide by all safety, health, and maintenance standards set out by the province or municipality.
  • Landlords must conduct repairs to ensure the rental unit is maintained.

Landlords Are Not Allowed To

A Landlord must respect the rights of their Tenant. Below are (3) three things Landlords should not do.

  • Enter the unit illegally. Landlords are required to provide proper 24-hours notice.
  • Withhold vital services such as heat, electricity, gas, and hot or cold water.
  • Substantially interfere with the Tenant’s reasonable enjoyment of the rental unit.
Lease Agreement - Landlords must use a standardized lease agreement.

Standardized Lease for Landlords

Since April 30, 2018, Landlords must use the Standard Lease Template for all new leases. The Ontario government created this lease to ensure that necessary information, that is often overlooked, is included in the Lease Agreement.

Standard Lease Agreement Template

Landlord Tenant Board Ontario

To help resolve disputes between Landlords and Tenants, the Ontario government created the Landlord Tenant Board. Also, this board is the only place where you can obtain an order to evict your Tenant from your property. Attending the Landlord Tenant Board can be confusing and intimidating, especially if you have never been before. Unlike Tenants, there are minimal resources or services available to Landlords, but we are here to help. If you ever feel overwhelmed, we recommend hiring Landlord Legal Services in Ontario.

Resources for Landlords

Social Justice Tribunals Ontario
Landlord Tenant Board Website

How to Contact the Landlord Tenant Board
Contact the LTB

Ontario Government Website
Renting in Ontario

Landlord Tenant Lawyer & Paralegal

It is common practice for Landlords to hire Landlord Legal Services in Ontario to evict a tenant. Most offices have a Landlord Tenant Lawyer or Paralegal working out of their office. Our office has licenced Paralegals that attend the Landlord Tenant Board daily. If you wish to speak to a Lawyer regarding your Landlord Tenant Board matter, we would be happy to put you in contact with a Lawyer that works closely with our office.

When evicting a tenant, you may want to consider hiring a Paralegal opposed to a Lawyer. The Law Society of Ontario restricts paralegals to practice only in specific areas of Law. One area is the Residential Tenancies Act or the Landlord Tenant Board. Most legal representatives that attend the Landlord Tenant Board are Paralegals, not Lawyers.

To ensure our clients get the best representation possible, Sturino Walker Legal Services went one step further and focuses on two main areas of Law. One area being the Residential Tenancies Act. Since 2014, the office has successfully evicted hundreds of Tenants.

Sturino Walker Legal has been offering Landlord Legal Services in Ontario since 2014.

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Landlord Lawyer or Paralegal?

Legal fees for Lawyers and Paralegals will vary depending on the type of work required. It is safe to say that the legal fees of a Lawyer will be more expensive than a Paralegal. Commonly, Lawyer legal fees will be three (3) or four (4) times more expensive than the legal fees a Paralegal would charge.

At Sturino Walker Legal Services, all our representatives are licenced Paralegals. We understand that no one wants any surprises when it comes to legal fees. For that reason, our legal fees are always a flat fee or block fee. Meaning you pay one price, and we take care of everything for you.

Call today for your free consultation and to determine pricing for your Landlord Tenant Board dispute. 

Evict Your Tenant Now We'll Take Care of the Entire Process

Benefits of Hiring Landlord Legal Services in Ontario

At Sturino Walker Legal Services, we offer Landlord Legal Services in Ontario and take care of the entire eviction process for you. We will draft the appropriate paperwork, serve the Tenant, file the applications with the Landlord Tenant Board, and attend court on your behalf. If your Tenant wants to talk about the matter, not to worry, we deal with the Tenant, not you.Attending the Landlord Tenant Board daily, we understand how the board proceedings function and progress, what evidence requirements you must meet to be successful, and the attention to detail required when drafting your legal documents.

Put Sturino Walker Legal to work for you today. For more information about the Sturino Walker Legal Services team, you can click HERE.

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  • Muhammad Siddiqui says:

    I have court order for the tenants to pay who have already left the property. How can i get them pay the court order. I have htier ID, work contact and trying to find out new address. Can you help

    1. Sturino Walker says:

      Hello Muhammad, we would be happy to assist you. Please give our office a call to book a free consultation. Thank you.

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    We are currently looking for help with a N12 to reclaim our rental property for personal use.

    Would love to have a chat with you about this in more detail.

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    My elderly mother has put her house on the market and her tenant is preventing her from being able to show it / sell it. She has taken over the property and my mother is now afraid of the tenant. The tenant is a school teacher with two prior convictions of child abuse. My mother is now afraid not only that she won’t be able to sell her house but she is afraid for her safety.

    I am her power of attorney and I am seeking your advice

    1. Sturino Walker says:

      Hello Kirsten, we would be happy to assist you. Please give our office a call to book a free consultation. Thank you.

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    Hi I’m currently looking for my N12 reclaim property for myself to move in there after my husband death can’t afford where I’m staying now

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  • MAGY DUMA says:

    Hi, is Maggie , we filled an eviction with LTB and since then the tenants are insulting us, having party and heavy smoke and we live in the basement ( try it) but my kids do not feel safe at all. We explained the situation due family matters we need the whole house and they ignored our concerns as owner. They even are spying on us as we caught them ..we can not enjoy our property at all. Thank you

    1. Sturino Walker says:

      Hello Maggie, we would be happy to assist you. Please give our office a call to book a free consultation and we can answer all your questions. Thank you.

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